if you need to search a command just use ctrl+f

prefix is typically .

commands description usage aliases
colorize colorize b&w images with ai .colorize (image url) or .colorize (with attachment)
text2image text to image (kinda lame honestly) .text2image (text)
upscale upscale images with ai .upscale (image url) or .upscale (with attachment)
happy an ai tries to guess what makes people happy .happy
fakestory whak-ai-ma tries to generate stories .fakestory aistory
fakepizza ai generated pizza .fakepizza aipizza
fakedog ai generated dogs .fakedog aidog
fakecat ai generated cats .fakecat aicat
fakeanime ai generated anime characters .fakeanime aianime
fakepainting ai generated paintings .fakepainting aipainting
fakeword randomly generated words .fakeword
fakehero ai generated hero names .fakehero .aihero
fakeband ai generated band names .fakeband .aiband
fakequote ai generated quotes .fakequote .aiquote
fakeperson ai generated faces .fakeperson .thispersondoesnotexist