if you need to search a command just use ctrl+f

prefix is typically .

commands description usage aliases
garfield get a random garfield comic .garfield garf
dailygarfield get your daily dose of garfield .dailygarfield dailygarf
xkcd get the last xkcd comic .xkcd
petpet generate a pet-pet gif .petpet [image url] OR (with attachment) .petpet
bored what should i do? .bored whatdoido
shoe whakama's sneaker meetup .shoe
drip whakama drippy .drip
quote random quotes .quote
kanyewest kanye west quotes .kanyewest kanye
uselessweb sends a useless website .uselessweb uselesswebsite, theuselessweb
rps rock paper scissors .rps (optional) [rock,paper,scissors] rockpaperscissors
choose let whakama choose for you .choose option1,option2 choice, decide, pick
8ball the magic 8ball .8ball [question]
topic sends a random chat topic .topic
fact tells a random fact .fact
word sends a random word .word
wordoftheday whakama's word of the day! .wordoftheday wotd
joke tells you a joke .joke
yomama sends a random yomama joke .yomama
insult insults ya! .insult
wyr would you rather .wyr wouldyourather
truthordare the classic truth or dare game .truthordare tod, td
randomsentence sends a randomly generated sentence .randomsentence randomlygeneratedsentence, rgs, sentence
echo repeats back to you .echo [text] say
poll send a poll question .poll [question],(optional)option1,(optional)option2 ask
yesorno send a poll question without options (the old way) .yesorno [question]
coinflip flip a coin .coinflip [heads or tails] flipacoin, flip
oldcoinflip old flip a coin .oldcoinflip oldflipacoin, oldflip
number random number between 1 and a specified number .number [max number] randomnumber
color get a hex color .color (optional)[hex color] colour, hex
rate rate something out of 10 .rate [what to rate]
gayrate that stupid self explanatory command every bot has .gayrate (optional) @user gayr8, howgay
lesbianrate what do you think it is .lesbianrate (optional) @user lesbianr8, howlesbian
howdumb how dumb are you (literally) .howdumb (optional) @user iq
pp pp length .pp (optional) @user