if you need to search a command just use ctrl+f

prefix is typically .

commands description usage aliases
twitterdl downloads twitter media .twitterdl [twitter link] twitterdownload
caption captions an image from url or attachment .caption [image url] toptext,bottomtext or (with attachment) .caption toptext,bottomtext makememe
dog sends an image of a random dog .dog
cat sends an image of a random cat .cat
shibe sends an image of a random shibe dog .shibe
bird sends an image of a random bird .bird
aww sends an image of a random animal .aww
spunchbob sends spunchbob memes .spunchbob
randomgif get a random gif .randomgif
randomimage random image .randomimage randompic, ri, image
fakeperson this person does not exist .fakeperson thispersondoesnotexist
meme sends a random (reddit) meme .meme
drakememe generate a classic drake meme .drakememe toptext,bottomtext drake
changemymind generate a change my mind meme .changemymind [text]
draw25 generate a do this or draw 25 meme .draw25 [text]
immaheadout generate a ight im bouta head out meme .immaheadout [text] headout, ightimmaheadout
2buttons generate a hard decision meme .2buttons text1,text2 2button, harddecision
mock generate a mocking spongebob meme .mock [text]
rightturn generate a drift right meme .rightturn text1,text2 goright, turnright
buffcheems generate a buff cheems meme .buffcheems text1,text2 buffcheems, cheemsvsdoge
catmeme generate woman yelling at cat meme .catmeme text1,text2 yellingatcat
button generate a button meme .button text1,text2 nutbutton
gay make a person gay .gay [user]
jail put a person in jail gay .jail [user]
fortune make fortune cookie with any text .fortune [text] fortunecookie