if you need to search a command just use ctrl+f

prefix is typically .

commands description usage aliases
mc tells info about a given mc server .mc [server ip] mcserverinfo, mcserver
mcbedrock tells info about a given mc bedrock server .mcbedrock [server ip] mcbedrockserver
blocked see if a server is blocked my mojang .blocked [server ip] mcblocked
playerhead generate playerhead give command .playerhead [mc username]
name2skin see a specific minecraft user's skin .name2skin [mc username]
name2uuid convert mc name to uuid .name2uuid [mc username]
mcinfo info about a given mc player .mcinfo [mc username]
bedrock2java convert bedrock seeds to java seeds .bedrock2java [bedrock seed] b2j
java2bedrock convert SOME java seeds to bedrock seeds .java2bedrock [java seed] j2b
mccape shows mc users official cape .mccape [mc username] cape
ofcape shows mc users optifine cape .ofcape [mc username] optifinecape
hypixel get users hypixel stats .hypixel [mc username]
queue sends 2b2t queue info .queue
2b2tseen check users last seen on 2b2t .2b2tseen [mc username] 2bseen
2b2tstats check users 2b2t stats .2b2tstats [mc username] 2bstats
tablist 2b2t tablist .tablist