if you need to search a command just use ctrl+f

prefix is typically .

commands description usage aliases
suggest send in a suggestion for whakama or complain .suggest [your suggestion/complaint] suggestion
lyrics get song lyrics .lyrics [song name]
pfp get a users avatar .pfp @user (or username) av, avatar
userinfo get user info about user .userinfo @user
serverinfo info ab server ur currently in .serverinfo
btc btc value .btc bitcoin
dogecoin dogecoin value .dogecoin
steal steal emoji from link .steal [image url] emojisteal, emoji
thumbnail get yt thumbnail from link .thumbnail [youtube url]
iss get info about the iss .iss
apod get astronomy photo of the day .apod astronomyphotooftheday
commanumber add commas to a number .commanumber [number] numberformat
anime search anime .anime [search query]
fnshop get current fortnite shop .fnshop shop
steamgame get steam game by name .steamgame [search query] steam
steamsale get predicted steam sale .steamsale
gamertag xbox gamertag info .gamertag [gamertag] xbox
qrencode encode text into qr format .qrencode [text]
qrdecode decode qr image into text .qrdecode [image url] or (with attachment) .qrdecode
mcicm how much mcdonalds ice cream machines are broken rn (not joke) .mcicm icm, mcdonaldsicecreammachine, icecreammachine
c-to-f celsius to fahrenheit .c-to-f [celsius temp] ctof
f-to-c fahrenheit to celsius .f-to-c [fahrenheit temp] ftoc
km-to-mph km to mph .km-to-mph [km] km2mph
mph-to-km mph to km .mph-to-km [mph] mph2km
covid get covid stats for country .covid (optional) [country] coronavirus
covidstate get covid stats for state .covidstate (optional) [state] coronavirusstate
vaccine get covid vaccine stats for country .vaccine (optional) [country]
vaccinestate get covid vaccine stats for state .vaccine (optional) [state]